Class Descriptions

A note about younger children:  At this time we do not have enough children under the age of 3 to comprise separate nursery and preschool classes.  For the time being, children under the age of 3 are either cared for in the 3-5 classes, or stay with their mothers, depending on what parents and teachers together feel is best.

FALL 2019 Class Descriptions

Preschool: Samantha Stickler (both periods)

Join us for songs and stories, a snack, crafts, and fun!
Ages 3-5
Fee: $10($5/per class period)

Young Elem (5-7)

Animal vs Animal: Amber Meadows/Allison Willis/Nickolas Willis

We will be going on an animal adventure each week! J We will be discovering the differences between their habitats, their tracks and doing some fun activities to help us understand the differences between animals! We will also do a fun end of semester project! J So come explore these awesome creatures!
Fee: $5

Lego Adventure Across the 50 States: Kasey Rae Spencer

Take a tour of the great 50 states with LEGO’s as your tour guide! This is a multi-sensory experience that will explore the cultures, histories and traditions of each geographical region. Students will incorporate creative toy-scale builds that celebrates each state’s uniqueness! 

Upper Elem (8-11)

Wacky Weather: Bonnie Ottway

In this class, we’ll learn why and how the weather happens!  We’ll read books, watch videos, conduct experiments, and make weather instruments.
Fee: $8 

Where did the Old Testament Happen?/Ancient Geography: Janelle Reinhardt

We’ll discuss the physical and political geography of the Mediterranean and parts of Central Asia where stories in the Old Testament take place. We will learn about the leaders and empires that controlled these areas at the times various Biblical characters lived, and highlight historical sites linked to the Bible and other Jewish and Christian traditions. We will compile our own Bible Atlas which will be bound at the end of the class to take home. Light Homework: Copying and tracing not finished in class should be completed at home.
Fee: $15
Supplies: A Pocket folder; pencils. More than one pencil, preferably sharpened. I will not be bringing my pencils. You can’t have them.

Squad Time: Joey Polichetti & Bonnie Ottway

All 8-11 year olds will gather together during first period for a surprise lesson! We will be exploring and learning something different each week!

Middle to High School (12 & up)

Math for Real Life: Dana Bramley

Students will learn how to create a budget, balance a checkbook, and manage a bank account using hands-on activities. We will also discuss common pitfalls of credit cards and how to stay out of debt.
Fee: $5

Let’s Design Buildings: Janelle Reinhardt

What makes a kitchen easy or difficult to work in? What do the spaces that inspire you have in common? Why can’t you design the same house for every family? What do we mean when we say flow, scale, or visual boundary? In this class we will use geometry and problem-solving to answer these questions, and we’ll also learn a little about some famous pieces of architecture. Moderate homework: Students will complete one 5-paragraph essay on an assigned topic (first 5 weeks), and design a home for a fictional family (second 5 weeks). Students will briefly present both of these projects to the class.

Weekly Drawings not completed in class should be completed to share at the beginning of the next class.
Fee: None
Supplies: A graph-paper notebook; pencils and a sharpener, or mechanical pencils with lead; an extra eraser; a pocket folder; an optional ruler if your student needs a straight-edge for drawing; And PENCILS; More than one pencil, preferably sharpened. I will not be bringing my pencils. You can’t have them.

Puppet Making: Jonathan Carter/Amber Meadows

There is an art to bringing an inanimate object to life through puppetry! Explore the history of puppetry in different styles while learning the basics of using puppets and creating a show. Students will build multiple puppet styles and use them in a final production. Students will also learning how puppets can be used in evangelism. Puppets you will be making: rod/stick, shadow, hand, marionette and sculpted foam!

Exploring Academics through Board Games: Amber Eldridge

We will be exploring various subjects and social skills through board games.