Class Descriptions

A note about younger children:  At this time we do not have enough children under the age of 2 to comprise separate nursery and preschool classes.  For the time being, children under the age of 2 are either cared for in the 2-4 classes, or stay with their mothers, depending on what parents and teachers together feel is best.  Should we have enough families with babies or young toddlers register, there is the possibility for splitting the littlest kids off into a designated nursery time.

FALL 2018 Class Descriptions

First Hour:

Ages 2-4

Community Helpers (Amber E.) Fee: $3

-Each week, learn about a different job someone does to help out in our town.

Ages 5-9

Classic Playground (Brian Capshaw): Fee $5

Old-School meets homeschool. Move your body and exercise your cooperation and sportsmanship muscles as you play 4-square, jump rope, and do relays.

Art (Kellee and Allison) Fee: $7 Maximum 15

Concepts including hue, actual and visual texture, color theory, paper making, shading technique such as cross hatching, still life, and gesture drawings will be explored through projects based on periods in art history.

A Day in the Life (Jasemine) Fee: $5 Supplies: colored pencils/crayons; kid-friendly scissors

Maximum: 12

-We will start by discussing our life. We will talk about our chores, schooling, favorite games, favorite activities, food choices, and more. Then each week we will study about another country and the kids in that country. Their chores, schooling, favorite games, favorite activities, food and more. We will learn through reading, writing, playing games, doing crafts and hands on activities.

Ages 10-12

Story Crafting (Leah) Max size: 10-12 Fee: $10

Join our adventure as we explore fantasy stories and fairy tales, learn what makes a story interesting, delve into plots and characters, develop the trait of active listening, and spin fantastical tales. We will be crafting a set of wooden story cubes, individualized by each child and used to spark their imaginations. The kids will be encouraged to write about their favorite stories or illustrate their stories with pictures. All students will take home their own set of story cubes at the end of the semester.

Lettering/Drawing (Jennifer), Fee: $20,

Your children will learn artistic lettering and drawing. A complete set of brush pens will be supplied to each student.

Ages 13+

History of Japan (Katie) Fee: $5

This course is a survey of the history of Japan. Students will learn about significant events and about important people covering 2000 years. Students will do a variety of classroom activities including group discussions, writing assignments, and hands-on activities.

Minecraft (Amber M) Fee: $5

We will be creating a variety of objects, art and architecture both physically and in Minecraft World.

You will need access to a Minecraft Account on a laptop to bring to class each week. There are a few extra accounts available on first come basis. Each child will need time at home to finish their Minecraft builds.

Second Hour:

Ages 2-4

Story Time (Janelle) Fee: $5

-Get out some wiggles, have a snack, then listen to some great picture books

(please make sure your food allergy section of the family profile is complete and up-to-date. Snacks may include goldfish crackers, teddy grahams, raw fruit, water and Milo’s lemonade)

Ages 5-9

Manners (Dana) Fee: $3 Maximum: 12

-Emily Post meets Miss Manners in a fun, witty way to learn to practice kindness, communicate better, set a table, and much, much more! If you love games, puzzles and tongue twisters this class is for you!

What’s Bugging You? (Amanda) Fee: $5 Maximum 12

-A lesson and activity for a new insect every week

US Presidents (Valarie) Fee: $3

We will learn what it takes to be a president and fun facts about all of the Presidents. We will learn about 5 Presidents per class. Covering their lives and time in office.

Ages 10-12

Timeline (Amber M) Fee: $6

We will be exploring art, inventions, historical figures, fashion and architecture through the centuries. At the end of this semester each student will have a Book of Centuries he/she can take home and add to through his/her studies at home. Some work may have to be completed at home.

Recorders (Joey) Fee: $10 if your child needs a recorder, $5 if they supply their own

-Using recorders, explore basic music theory and enjoy learning to play

Ages 13+

Christian Apologetics (Brian Capshaw) Fee: $4

Your students will learn about the facts that support Christianity using the student editions books The Case for Christ Student Edition and the Case for Faith Student Edition by Lee Strobel. Each student will need to have a copy of this book (available at or, a folder, notebook, pen and highlighter.

Literature and Current Events (Leah and Katie) Fee: $6

This course is designed to introduce well known and loved literature books to your high school student as well as look at current events that occur over the semester. Students will be given book report sheets to fill in as they perform the assigned reading, and we will discuss setting, themes, the author’s perspective, genre, characters, plot, and the students’ opinions of our books. When reading a longer selection, students will have 2 weeks to complete the book. We will discuss current events on the down week, with students bringing to class a current event article of their choice. Students/parents are expected to provide a copy of the assigned book for themselves unless we are reading short stories in class.

(Students are welcome to bring in current events on book discussion days, but it won’t be required.)